Saturday, 2 February 2013

TAF meeting incoming!

We've been invited to attend a TAF (Team Around the Family) meeting in a few weeks to discuss our son's development.

For those that don't know, our son is showing traits of autism and is getting help with his speech and language development.  The local support organisations have been very positive - the Local NHS Trust, Hull City Council have been nothing but helpful, he also gets to go to a couple of classes each week, one run by the local Childrens Centre and one by a charity called KIDS, which is all good.

Anyhow we've now been invited to a TAF meeting.  The thinking behind the meeting is that all of the professionals that are involved with him meet, discuss what actions should be taken, and assign actions to people.  Sounds like an excellent opportunity for collaboration.

To try and prepare us for the meeting, I pulled off the net a copy of a PDF from the government about the Early Years Foundation Stage which basically lays out whereabouts kids should be in their development against their age.

Obviously children do all develop at different speeds (I didn't talk until I was two as an example), it's quite interesting to see the "typical" development and compare our son with it.  As expected, areas such as relationships, behaviour, speaking and showing interest in others are areas for development.  On the flip side, many other areas he is pretty much on target for what the guidance suggests, and some, such as numbers he's quite advanced in (he should be able to count to ten - we've had him counting beyond 100 before today)

I'm looking forward to the meeting because as well as giving us visibility of what everyone else is doing, it also gives responsibilities to us as parents - sometimes you can't help but wonder if you could have done a better job or if you're not doing something that everyone else does.

That said, one thing all the guidance hasn't told me is how being able to throw a rubber duck into the toilet whilst stood in the bath compares to other children. So, it's all good.

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